Content Strategy

Aim: The main purpose of this service is to increase the organic traffic to your site, and in turn maximize conversions.
• Audience research
• Topic/keyword research
• Ideation/conceptualisation
• Schedule/calendar
• Providing roughs/skeletons
• Providing content
• Providing editorial services
1.Audience Research
Total site audit (find out whether the site is ranking for any keywords or not.)
Identifyinf your competitors and study their websites and content carefully. This lays a base for the content plan.
2.Topic/Keyword Research
Looking for keywords that your site can rank easily. This step is the core of the content planning.
Once we are done with the keywords, we will create a list of 25 topics for future blog posts.
For a broad niche that has multiple sub-niches/micro-niches in it. We will provide a list of 5-7 topics on each of these sub-niches. So, everything is evenly covered.
Creating a content calendar and scheduling blog posts in it.